10 good reasons for choosing Intermodal Transport: :


  1. An intelligent concept: Combined transport makes the best possible use of the advantages rail and road transport have to offer: by rail for long distances, by road for distribution on a smaller scale.
  2. The right combination: Diversified transport modes reduce risks. Railways deserve to be included in logistics concepts.
  3. Keeping a grip on fixed costs: In combined transport, the carrier only drives short distances to and from the terminal, resulting in lower purchase and operating costs for trucks and flexible costs for staff.
  4. Forward-looking: Goods transport will continue to increase in the years to come.
  5. Eco-friendly logistics: On average, combined transport saves 75% CO2 in relation to transport by road – an important consideration for customers.
  6. Saving energy: In the future, energy will be harder and more expensive to come by. The energy profile for combined transport is much more favourable than goods transport by road alone.
  7. Safe mobility: Combined transport relieves the pressure on roads – cars and freight traffic will be grateful.
  8. Safer: Compared to road traffic, the risk of rail traffic accidents is up to 100 times lower.
  9. Monitored loading: The railways system is strictly regulated. Theft and damage occur less often when compared to road traffic
  10. Suitable for dangerous cargo: Combined transport provides the safest solution for dangerous goods.



National & Internationaal Transport.
Speciality Belgium > Italy


We provide national and international transportation services between Belgium and Italy, France, Spain, Germany, etc.
We can provide short-term storage of goods when required. We consider communication, correctness,
just-in-time delivery and flexibility to be our key assets.



National- en Internationaal Transport

Specialist Belgium <> Italy

Short-term storage of heavy general cargo up to 25 tonnes



Stone-express opted to invest in a new warehouse, situated at 25 Moortelstraat in 9160 Lokeren, Belgium.
This location is in the heart of the Industrie E17/3 area.
Here we have the logistic possibilities to store your goods in accordance to your requirements.
Order and neatness are our priority.
Staff is always present at Stone-Depo, which enables us to reduce loading and unloading times to an absolute
Our warehouse manager and forklift driver are regular staff members and have all qualifications
required to perform their jobs perfectly.




We set ourselves apart with ‘Quality through customization’ that can be achieved because:

- We treat our customers as our partners and we like to support them in developing their companies by allowing publicity
(your logo, website, photograph, etc.) on our semi-trailers.

- We listen to our customers and provide perfect service.

- We treat our customers’ goods in a cost-effective and correct manner with
due care and diligence

- We are who we are and are proud to display this through order and neatness
in our Stone-Depo and office, maintenance of our machinery and equipment
and attention to safety.

- We like innovation and creativity and follow appropriate training programmes.

- We like entrepreneurship, responsibility and independence.

- We like a healthy and pleasant working environment within our company.

Nationaal & Internationaal Transport
Speciality België > Italië

Storage & Distribution of Natural Stone Slabs and Finished Productsen



For some time, Stone-Express has been a reliable factor for the processing of natural stone slabs - the art of
stuffing and stripping are all in a day’s work for us. In the entire logistic process, stuffing goods is one of the most important tasks.
Goods have to be transported to a variety of locations throughout Europe.
Perfect processing comes natural to Stone-express, correctness and quality are essential.
We are not happy until our customers are.

It is customer satisfaction that Stone-express is known for and we intend to keep it that way.e